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tonifies "yang" and increases stamina
nourishes "yin" and increases stamina
improves circulation of "qi" and blood
treats allergies and skin problems
treats tendons, joints, rheumatoid arthritis
treats bones, joints, and osteo-arthritis
treats respiratory problems
Equine Fertility
treats fertility and pregnancy problems
Treats worm infestation
Warms middle of body
Eliminates dampness
Eliminates heat
Equine Dewormer I and II are non-toxic herbal formulas to help with the treatment of conditions arising as a result of worm infestation (small and large ascariasis, bots, strongyles, pinworms). Dewormer I is required when there is a thick coating on the tongue and is beneficial for symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, sudden weight loss, lethargy, difficult urination, and persistent fever or inflammation. Dewormer II is used for long-term complications such as abdominal bloating with pain, digestive obstructions, bleeding, and severe weight loss. Dewormer I can be safely used on pregnant and nursing mares.
Ingredients: Perilla Leaf, Poria, Pinellia Rhizome, Scolopendra, Agastaches.
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Worm Infestation Problems in
Traditional Chinese Medicine