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Equine Gold, Silver and Red Testimonials - Page 1
"A year ago, I was given a 28-year-old American Saddlebred. He was still very much rideable for quiet hacks in the park nearby. In the winter and spring of 1998, he started to slow down and became very ill. That's when I met Arno at a booth and talked to him about this horse. After visiting Commander, we put him on Equine Gold, Red, and Silver. The improvement was dramatic and when spring arrived Commander was 'raring' to go, and not content to only walk. We spent our summer enjoying almost daily rides across the countryside. Then, on September 2, his heart just gave out and he was humanely destroyed on a beautiful summer day. I consider that the herbs Arno put Commander on gave him a great quality of life for those final six months and dignity to the end."
Sharon Predy - Surrey, BC, Canada
"When my horse was sent to Washington State University, it was declared that it had most severe arthritic changes and that the outlook was guarded. As well, Count Furioso had surgery to remove bone chips from both his hocks. The X-rays are here to prove it. I was told to have him on a daily dose of Bute and weekly shots of Adequine. Knowing the side effects of Bute and being unable to show on Bute, I decided to go for alternative and chose Chinese medicine. To my amazement, the Horse Sense Herbs representative suggested to put Count Furioso on Equine Spry Two for a daily dosage of two packets while showing. Six months later, my horse looks and feels like a stallion yet is only a gelding, and has been winning in the ribbons all summer. One weekend, he got four first prizes, one championship, and two high points. He was also on Equine Gold and Equine Silver in combination with Equine Spry Two during the show season. I highly recommend these Horse Sense Herbs formulas to any horse person."
Tina Duncan - Vancouver, BC, Canada