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"One angry horse - this was how I described him to Arno. Out to our barn he came and after much testing started him on a herb mixture called Equine WB03. Within four days, both my husband and myself could enter Josh's stall without carrying a crop for protection, and so started a new pattern for his behaviour. Joshua was on WB03 for most of the summer of 1998 and has become a very different horse to be around. Gone is the turn and kick habit, fidgeting in cross-ties while being groomed, and very territorial behaviour in the pastures. He was a son-of-a-gun to catch and now comes for a call or whistle. As far as I'm concerned, Joshua will be on Arno's herbs as long as he lives here. They have made the difference in either staying or going who knows where. Now you can finally see what the true character of this very handsome American Saddlebred is and thanks to Arno, he has become a very willing partner to work with."
Sharon Predy - Surrey, BC, Canada
"Our mare, Arleah, birthed a colt when she was 10 years old – about a year after achieving a US National Top-Ten performance ribbon in Louisville, KY. After that birth, Arleah seemed to develop symptoms of a hypothyroid condition, possible pre-Cushing's. Although bred several times successfully, she failed to maintain a pregnancy. She was approaching 20 years of age. An ultrasound showed the mare's uterus full of cysts. The vet's prognosis was, ‘Impossible to impregnate unless surgery first to rid uterus of cysts’. Instead, we consulted with HSH and after 8 months of using its TCM formulas an ultrasound showed a clear uterus."
"The mare subsequently conceived and with the help of other HSH formulations, she carried this foal to term and birthed her normally. We feel that Arleah avoided surgery in at least 2 instances because of the HSH products."
Cleda Yachetti & Andrea Rowbottom - Ontario, Canada
"My horse suffers from equine recurrent uveitis. Conventional treatment helped somewhat initially, but each recurring bout was worse. The last one left him totally blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other. This made him very difficult to handle and he was bumping into the walls of his stall and fences."
"With the HSH prescribed herbal formula, he regained his vision and normal eye colour in a remarkably short time. I am convinced this would not have happened without the herbal formula from HSH."
Roger Matthews - Ontario, Canada